Ledger® Live* Wallet - & A Complete Guide™ to Ledger®

Download Ledger Live: Ledger Live wallet is the official software provided by Ledger for managing your hardware wallet and cryptocurrencies. Look for the "Downloads" section on the website and download Ledger Live to your computer or mobile device. Setup: Follow the setup instructions provided with your Ledger device and within Ledger Live Learn to set up and connect Ledger Live with your Ledger multi-chain hardware wallet to securely stake, exchange, and store 1,000+ crypto assets and NFTs. Products Ledger Nano. $150. Ledger Nano S. $120. Compare Product. See the exact diffrence ... you then need to connect Ledger Live to your hardware wallet. For this, you can check out the Software wallets store private keys on systems that are connected to the internet, making them susceptible to all kinds of attacks. Ledger Live wallet Nano X is a pocket-size hardware wallet that seamlessly connects with your smartphone or computer. Through the Ledger Live app and our partners, you can securely buy, exchange and grow your crypto.